Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Cybernetics
International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists
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TAAC'2015: Proceedings

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Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Cybernetics. Proceedings of the 5th International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists — Kyiv: Bukrek, 2015. — 235 p.
ISBN 978-966-399-702-5
BBC: 32.973.202:22.1я43
UDC: 004.8:51:004.4(063)

Section 1: Computer Science

  • I. Senturk, T. Oner, U. Nuriyev: An Algebraic Approach to Categorical Syllogisms By Using Bilateral Diagrams.
  • E. M. Nasirov: Parallel Methods of Non-Negative Sparse Large Matrix Factorization.
  • F. Nuriyeva: On a Solution of a Sequential Partially Covering Problem.
  • N. V. Polishchuk, M. O. Kartavov, T. V. Panchenko: Safety Property Proof using Correctness Proof Methodology in IPCL.
  • D. O. Progonov: Robustness of Multistage Embedding Methods to Statistical Steganalysis.
  • T. O. Makhno: Evolutionary Approach to Ultrasound Images Segmentation.
  • A. O. Yurkov, I. V. Chernukha: Automated Identification and Recognition of Right Whales.

Section 2: Applied Mathematics

  • M. O. Bilous: Mathematical Modeling of Angiogenesis During Wound Healing.
  • V. O. Bohaienko: Using Basis Matrix Method with AMLI Preconditioner for Solving Elasticity Problems.
  • K. O. Buravchenko: Method for Determination the Controller Gains in Water Supply System.
  • O. O. Chepok: The Asymptotic Properties of Rapidly Varying Solutions of Second Order Differential Equations with Regularly and Rapidly Varying Nonlinearities.
  • G. P. Chuiko, I. O. Shyian: Computer-Aided Electroneuromyography with Maple.
  • I. Yu. Demchenko, T. V. Pepeliaieva: On Semi-Markov Multitask System of Inventory Theory.
  • A. I. Derevianko, S. L. Gefter: Rational Solutions of the Simplest Linear Inhomogeneous Difference Equations.
  • N. A. Dreychan: Asymptotic Reoptimization of 2-Objective Minimum Set Cover Problem.
  • A. Gursoy, H. Kutucu, M. Kurt, U. Nuriyev: A Binary Integer Linear Programming Model for the Band Collocation Problem.
  • A. Khabachova, V. Sobolev: Simulation Method of Multifractal Time Series with Desired Properties.
  • O. D. Kichmarenko, A. O. Latysh: An Alternative Approach to the Data Storage for the Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms.
  • R. P. Krasniuk: The Optimal Using of Computing Resources and Minimizing of Imbalance in Distribution of Tasks in Computer Networks.
  • J. Alvarez-Liebana, D. Bosq, M. D. Ruiz-Medina: Consistency of the Plug-In Functional ARH(1) Predictor of the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process.
  • V. O. Makarichev: Application of Atomic Functions to Lossy Image Compression.
  • M. V. Makarychev, I. A. Mulko, V. O. Yatsenko: Optimization and Adaptive Control of Lyapunov Exponents.
  • I. A. Mulko, M. V. Makarychev, V. O. Yatsenko: Identification of NARMAX Models and Geomagnetic Indices Prediction.
  • G. Saprykin, Yu. Kobytska: Wavelet Packet Transform for Analysis of Time Series with Chaotic Structure.
  • Yu. V. Sizonov: Simple Binary Sequences.
  • Ya. I. Vedel: New Two-Step Proximal Method for Equilibrium Problem.
  • A. P. Vlasyuk, V. V. Zhukovskyy, M. M. Bondarchuk: Mathematical Modelling of Vertical Migration of Radionuclides in Catalytic Porous Media with Traps in Linear Case.
  • Ye. A. Yaremchuk: Optimal Control Data Transferring Model via Apache Flume.
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