Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Cybernetics
International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists
TAAC'2015 is finished.
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How can I get to the conference?
To take part in the conference you must register before October 28, 2015 and upload your papers formatted up to the following template. You have to pay the registration fee after receiving the invitation to the conference.

Should I be present on the conference during all term?
Yes, we recommend you to attend all events. This conference gives you the opportunity to exchange the experience of scientific research, to expand own world-view, to find new friends and partners, to attend theme parties, to make tours around Kyiv, to get a lot of positive emotions and to have a good time. If you don't have possibilities to stay for a whole time of the conference because of definite reasons, we would like to be notified beforehand.

Shall I report details of my arrival?
Yes! It is preferable to provide all detailed information to be successfully transferred to the residence.

What should I do if I need to sign some official papers?
Inform the organization committee about this beforehand to guarantee all needed formal procedures.

Will the participants be provided with a residence?
During the period of staying in Kyiv from 23 to 27 November, participants of the conference will be provided with a residence, if they need. Don't forget to mention this during registration. Approximate cost of staying is 150 UAH (6 €) per day (not included to registration fee). There will be an opportunity to stay at the hostel for prolonged term (approx. 150 UAH/6 € per day).

What should the presentation be like?
We recommend you to prepare presentation of your speech (in .ppt/.pptx/.pdf format) for better representation. During the speech it is desirable to formulate the urgency of your subject area and the formulation of the problem and to describe principal results and conclusions. Time limit: 20 minutes for talk (10 minutes for discussion are included).

I have not found a response to my question on this site. What should I do?
You can get a response to any question if you e-mail us [email protected]

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Important dates TAAC'2016

  • Conference Opening — Will be announced later.
  • Conference Closing — Will be announced later.

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