Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Cybernetics
International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists
TAAC'2015 is finished.
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Participation Rules

  1. A student (bachelor, specialist or master's degree), postgraduate or young scientist (PhD) under the age of 35 years can be a participant of the conference. Associate Professor, Professor, Doctor of Science, Senior or Leading Researcher are not considered young scientists and cannot be participants of the conference, even if their age is less than 35 years.
  2. In order to take part in the conference you have to register before the date defined by organizing committee. Requests to participate submitted electronically through the registration system. Requests submitted in another form or in another time are not considered.
  3. Only papers, that contain not less then 3 pages, will be accepted for reviewing.
  4. The authors are solely responsible for the selection and precision given in the article of facts, quotations, statistics, industry terminology, proper names and other information.
  5. The papers which contain plagiarism (ideas borrowed from other authors, but served as his) and autoplagiarism (his ideas published before, but presented as new) will not be accepted.
  6. If the results of your research are commercial or state secrets, which cannot be disclosed, you cannot participate in the conference with this paper.
  7. Authors retain all rights to their work.
  8. Paper should be done in English. The papers done in other languages ​​are not considered. The papers which contain many grammatical, stylistic or spelling mistakes will be returned by Program Committee.
  9. After the paper is downloaded to the website, it will be immediately passed to the Program Committee for reviewing and if the review is positive, you will get an invitation to the conference.
  10. Procedure of reviewing:
    1. Each work anonymously (without any information about the author) is sent to two experts for reviewing. In the case of two positive reviews the paper is accepted for the conference.
    2. If one review is positive and one is negative, the paper will be sent for reviewing to the third expert, and acceptance or rejection will depend on results of his review.
    3. In the case of two negative reviews the paper will be rejected.
  11. In the case of successful review, the authors must pay registration fee.
  12. We recommend to prepare a presentation of his report to each participant. The presentation should be made ​​in English (in .ppt/.pptx/.pdf format).
  13. If the potential participant ignores at least one of the following rules: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to delete his account on the website of the conference.
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Important dates TAAC'2016

  • Conference Opening — Will be announced later.
  • Conference Closing — Will be announced later.

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